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Cloudmaker Technologies is leading ecommerce company dedicated to empowering people with the ability to create their personalized vaping experience. The client wanted an interactive, feature-rich ecommerce website to offer the best-in-class service with great vaping products at competitive prices.

The client approached iMark Digital Solutions – our team of experienced website developers understood his needs and provided him a custom designed, functional ecommerce portal to serve the market need for higher standards and to provide the best vaping experience to potential customers.

Achieved a Click Through Rate of 0.09% generating a number of new sales
In the first month of activity the Cost Per Action was reduced by 20%


  • To create an intuitive online presence that is aligned with their company culture.
  • To allow complete online order and customer management.
  • To provide multiple device accessibility through responsive web design.
  • To provide an excellent user experience for local as well as international markets.
  • To cater only the valid age (18+) user groups that would be accessing the website.
  • To provide a secure shop front that allows real-time, onsite payment for products.


Cloudmaker hired iMark Digital solutions to create a new e-commerce website that matches the high-quality design atheistic of their innovative e-cigars. At this stage, we defined the visual appearance of the interface—choosing all the right materials, fonts and color schemes. Once the design idea has been approved, it's time to get down to our real business.

We developed a website that put Cloudmaker's products at the forefront, showcasing them in a creative way. From the front-end perspective, this meant compiling together CSS where suitable, not writing inflated mark-up and CSS, making sure that the web images were optimized served as soon as possible.

The products section within the website was carefully laid out to ensure the ease of navigation by potential customers.  Intuitive filtering functionality has been incorporated to help customers can easily find the type of cigarettes they are looking for. Products can be filtered by Price, Cigar Style, Variety and more. Large, clear call to action was used for the buttons (such as View Details and Add to Cart) on individual product pages and the product listing.  


We brought the striking imagery to the fore, and stayed realistic to keeping the navigation as easy as possible. The end result is a beautiful product interface that provides the best vaping experience to potential customers.

  • -17% Bounce Rate
  • +400% Website TRAFFIC
  • 87% increase in Direct Sales
  • 63% increase in Conversion rates

0.09% CTR

20% less CPA

272% ROI

Client Testimonial

"I couldn't be happier with my choice of using iMark Digital Solutions for my new website. Their team was easy to work with and helped me make a great website in a short span of time.
Thanks again guys for all your hard work; I will surely recommend you to all my colleagues!"

Claude Attia, President and General Manager

Cloudmaker Technologies

About the Client

The idea of making high-quality, yet affordable ecigars and ecigrattes that everyone can appreciate, is the essence of Cloudmaker Technologies. Offering a range of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers, the company aims to provide the best shopping experience to every customer who visits the website.

About iMark Digital Solutions

iMark Digital Solutions is a boutique digital marketing agency, offering a range of web and mobile development services to clients worldwide. We take a comprehensive approach to website development starting from coding and mark-up to the web design and content.

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